6-10 Years Old

The “Big Kids” enjoy a summer program designed to keep their minds and bodies moving and grooving! Each week we have a focused theme that provides the kids exposure to a variety of academic, artistic and physical experiences. Whether they’re creating master works of art, designing their own buildings, starring in the hottest play in the city, or playing for the camp soccer championship–the possibilities are as endless as their imaginations. We provide the resources and encouragement to make sure that every camper has their best summer yet.

Please see below for a calendar of our special activities. In addition to the special classes, performances and field trips, the kids get plenty of time each day to relax and be with their friends in unstructured play time. There are also several activities that families can participate in, so please make plans to join in the fun!

*Free breakfast and lunch will be provided by DCPS for all campers this year. If you choose to send meals for your child, please label them with his or her name and ensure that they do not contain any shellfish or nuts.

Download the PDF file .