Our Staff

Polite Piggy’s administrative team offers families timely and responsive service, high quality customer care when things are going well and when we have to work things out together.

We offer families a predictable place to have questions answered and offer children loving care. 

Throughout the almost 8 years we have been open, we have been reflective practitioners and continue to work to create the program we envision and families desire for their children.

On-Site Support Staff

Each Polite Piggy’s location is managed by at least two program administrators. Many of our on-site support professionals have been a part of Polite Piggy’s for several years and have experience in the DCPS system.

Contractors and Guest Educators

Polite Piggy’s is proud to partner with a number of local businesses and education professionals to supplement our core curriculum. From dance classes, to science instruction and swim classes, these individuals provide valuable experiences for our community.

Owner, Director
Assistant Program Director