Before / After School

Polite Piggy’s Camp seeks to be available to all DCPS families, regardless of income level, thus rates are available on a sliding scale based on household income. To see the sliding scale click on the button of your corresponding school.

Maury Elementary

Tyler Elementary

School Within School @ Goding

The standard rate for before school programming is $8 per day, and the standard rate for after school programming is $21 per day. There is a discount of 25% offered for siblings.

Q: What do you receive for your payment?

A: The payment amount provides for a small student to adult ratio of 1:8 for grades Preschool-K and 1:12 for grades 1 and up. We also are able to provide high quality programming to every student (we do offer approximately 3 add on special classes at a cost to families but families who opt-out still are provided with programming in that space. We only request the additional instructor fee if the class is out of the Polite Piggy budget and in those cases, the family only absorbs the amount over the students’ daily programming per diem). As well, there are administrative costs such as administrative staff, rent, insurance, etc. that are essential components of the program.

If you have any questions or concerns about the sliding scale rates, please contact us.