Our Mission

At Polite Piggy’s, we know that all children deserve lots of love, boat-loads of fun, and careful attention to their needs, thoughts, fears, and dreams. We also know that the safe and caring environment that we provide all children gives them the space to grow and become what they believe they can become.

Polite Piggy’s in-school programs and camps will expose children to things they never imagined possible and help them achieve their dreams because of that exposure. We believe that all children deserve an environment where many cultural experiences, differences and likenesses are celebrated, talked about and supported. We also believe that children must be allowed to just be! They need to have the freedom to find wiggling things under rocks, to explore the sand and water, time to enjoy slowed-down moments full of nothing but their imaginations and friends.

We promise to give our children great doses of what they want and a great balance of what they need: structure, support, healthy meal options, games…oh, and a little homemade ice cream never hurt!

Core Values..

  • Nurturing the abilities and curiosities of our students through innovative programming and engagement
  • Honesty and integrity as evidenced by our actions, communication, and direction of the program;
  • Providing a safe and inclusive program for children and families.

Polite Piggy’s Provides…

A High-Quality Child Care Experience

Early childhood education and childcare provide the foundation for a successful life. We’re dedicated to giving every child affordable, well-rounded instruction and a variety of experiences that will support their emotional and physical development.

A Unique Space to Learn and Grow

Each child has his or her own way of learning. We believe it’s important to provide experiences that are stimulating in a variety of ways to fulfill different learning needs. In addition to our supportive full-time staff of teachers and caregivers, we engage with numerous educators, artists and activists from the Washington-Metropolitan community to provide special programs and activities for Polite Piggy’s.  

A Safe and Caring Environment

We support children on their journey to discover themselves and their place in society. Above all, we want our children to feel free to be who they are and to celebrate the differences between members of our community.

A Place to Dream and Explore

We try to teach our kids that every day is full endless opportunities if they are up for the challenge of living an active life. While we provide a healthy curriculum of scheduled activities, we recognize that it’s just as important for children to have the space to dream and discover on their own.