Administrative Team

The administrative team of Polite Piggy’s provide the structure that is needed for families to assuredly know that little ones are taken care of in a next to family fashion by allowing caregivers to worry about little more than providing loving, child-centered and engaging programming. We truly believe, the work the caregivers deliver is the heavy lift and we as administrators are there to handle the rest. Polite Piggy’s administrative team offers families timely and responsive service, high quality customer care when things are going well and when we have to work things out together. We offer families a predictable place to have questions answered and offer children loving care. The administrative team also works with students as well to provide creative programming like puppet shows, cooking classes, etc. As well, we are the second line of communication when a child has any concerns regarding transition, choices and good citizenship. Throughout the almost 8 years we have been open, we have been reflective practitioners and continue to work to create the program we envision and families desire for their children.

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Vannessa Duckett

My name is VanNessa Duckett, I am the owner and a daily administrator at Polite Piggy’s Camp. I have been a classroom teacher for over 16 years and working with children even longer! As well, I attained an administrative degree in School Administration to understand the larger context of working with large groups of children, ... Read More


Ebony Butler

Ebony Butler is the Assistant Program Director at Tyler Elementary with Polite Piggy’s Day Camp. In this role, Ms. Butler manages all aspects of the daily program operations, including developing and implementing program activities, cultivating and maintaining family relationships, and leading a team of over 20 staff members. A big believer in developing the whole ... Read More