Welcome to Polite Piggy’s Camp!

At Polite Piggy’s we know that all children deserve our best. Our best looks, feels and sounds like lots of love, boatloads of fun and careful attention to the needs, thoughts, fears and dreams of school-aged children. We also know that the safe and caring environment we provide give our kids the space to grow, make new friends and time to just be!

We work exhaustively to expose children to new activities because we truly want to be a comprehensive space; where children pursue the arts, cognitive activities, movement, sports, etc. so that family time can be less cluttered with activities and more focused on togetherness. Our experienced staff knows all children deserve an environment where cultures, differences and likenesses are celebrated, talked about, and supported. We work to also support the challenges children face and value our role in shaping citizens that will know how to handle social encounters in their lives and school communities. Children must also have the freedom to investigate wiggling things under rocks, to search for leaves and acorns, time to enjoy slowed down moments full of nothing but their imagination and friends.

Our team promises to give our children great doses of what they want and a great balance of what they need: structure, support, healthy meal/snack options, games… oh, and a little homemade pie in the summer after we take them blueberry picking never hurts!

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